Celebrating Cultural Diversity

The school council have organised a week (17-21 May) of celebrating cultural diversity in our school and would like to get as many students involved as possible. Resources will be shared with students and there will be different food served in the canteen for that week. 

On Thursday 20th May, we will also allow students to wear an accessory that represents their cultural identity. We will be allowing the following items to be worn for one day only:


  • An accessory representing a flag which reflects their identity
  • A piece of headwear i.e. a bandana/head scarf/ a beret/ a colourful hijab
  • A tie that has their country's flag on
  • Jewellery that would normally be worn when celebrating a special event as part of that culture
  • Where henna is used is cultures, this will also be allowed
    Blazer and other uniform must still be worn.
    Tracksuits and sportswear should only be worn if that student has P.E. that day and it follows the school P.E. dress code.