Anti-Bullying Quality Mark - Silver

The school is delighted to have been awarded the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark – Silver. This is a prestigious award only made following a rigorous audit, development and assessment cycle against exacting standards and criteria. This is what ABQM-UK said about their award to us.

The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark is a national scheme which shows how good schools are at preventing bullying. It challenges schools to set up effective and sustainable anti-bullying policies and strategies and make them part of their everyday life.

Maiden Erlegh School in Reading achieved the ABQM-UK Silver Award because staff, pupils and parents and Governors demonstrated that anti-bullying has become embedded in everyday life at the school. Students are actively involved in the development of anti-bullying in the school, working alongside staff to establish a range of approaches that make their peers feel safe and included. 

We would like to congratulate Miss Burns for her coordination of this achievement, as well as their colleagues, governors, pupils and parents for their hard work. We hope that the Silver award recognises their efforts and inspires them to continue to strengthen their anti-bullying policy and practice. 

Of course,  we will not rest on our laurels! We will continue to look for ways to support this work to ensure that our school continues to take bullying seriously and to address it in effective and impactful ways.