Advice for Parents

How will my child access online learning?

Students will be following their normal school timetable and all work will be posted on Google Classroom, please watch the video below to find out how Google Classroom works.




How can I make sure my child's home learning is a success?

Working from home is very different to working at school, please watch this video to help make sure your child's home learning experience is a success.




My child insists they have no work to do

1. Check their 'To Do' list in Google Classroom

You can ask your child to show you their 'To Do' list in Google Classroom. Click on the ‘To do’ icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This will show you all the work that has been assigned or is missing.

To do list

2. Get them to complete independent study

Please find links below to additional resources which your child may find useful to consolidate their learning.

Government Guidance for Parents

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Guidance about Track & Trace
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Risk Assessment and Policies

COVID Risk Assessment
COVID Attendance Addendum
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