At Maiden Erlegh School in Reading we understand the devastating impact that bullying can have on a young person’s life. We will strive to do our utmost to support students and fully investigate any reported incidents according to our Anti-Bullying Policy. This policy is available here: https://www.maidenerleghschoolreading.co.uk/attachments/download.asp?file=4168&type=pdf

We encourage students to report bullying incidents to their form tutor or Head of Year so that these can be investigated fully. However, we are aware that reporting in person can be daunting for some young people, we therefore encourage students to report bullying, and any other concerns, via ClassCharts Wellbeing.

We also wanted to share a variety of different website resources that may be able to offer support for our parents/carers and young people with regards to their mental health and wellbeing, including those that have experienced bullying.