At Maiden Erlegh School in Reading we aim to deliver a high quality curriculum with a range of pathways that provide a stimulating and demanding education for students of all abilities.

We believe that our personalised curriculum produces:

  • Rigour, high standards, coherence across disciplines
  • A core of essential knowledge in the key subject disciplines
  • Freedom for teachers to use professionalism and expertise
  • Memorable experiences which put learning in a wider context
  • A wide range of opportunities for personalised stretch, challenge and support
  • A range of rigorous assessment opportunities which support high quality of information advice and guidance for students and parents
  • Varied option choices for all groups of students including the most able and SEND
  • Varied progression routes for all students post-16

Running through all of our curriculum, including the pastoral curriculum, are strands of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education (SMSC) which cover themes such as:

  • Making and maintaining positive relationships
  • Staying safe and healthy (including Sex and Relationships Education and cyber-safety)
  • Respect of self and others
  • Equality and inclusion – especially tolerance, respect and understanding of people from protected groups, including those with different faiths and beliefs
  • British values e.g.: rights and responsibilities, democracy and the rule of law

For further information about what students will be studying and the options that are available to them please download our Curriculum Statement.

For further information about the Foundation and KS4 Curriculum please download our curriculum booklets.

For guidance on the Foundation and KS4 Options process please download our KS4 Options booklet.

Click here to view our Basic Skills Policy.

The PSMSC page gives more detail of our Pastoral Programme and PHSE curriculum including our Sex and Relationships Policy.

For further information on how we deliver our curriculum please download our Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework.

For guidance on how we set appropriate homework please download our Homework Procedures.

There are also details on our Learning and Teaching page about the sorts of tasks set for homework by subject and about how parents can support their child at home.

For further information on our extra-curricular provision please see our Enrichment curriculum page.

In the event of the school being closed please see the Emergency work in the event of school closure page.

If you require further information regarding the curriculum, please contact Mrs Ellis, via the School Office.