Maiden Erlegh School in Reading's Equality Information and Objectives can be found in the attachment below.

Maiden Erlegh School in Reading's Equality Objectives are to;

  • To support a school environment and culture that welcomes, protects and respects and celebrates diversity.
  • To continue to close the gaps in attainment and achievement between students and all groups of students; especially boys and girls, disadvantaged students, students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Looked After Children, and students from different heritage and cultural groups.
  • To continue our work with staff and students to ensure that discrimination, harassment and prejudice are not tolerated, and action is effective to prevent and deal with them and in doing so, educating students about protected groups.
  • Monitor and address instances of homophobic, sexist, racist or any other form of discriminatory language used by students in school.
  • To ensure that all students are given the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the life of the school, particularly focusing on developing leadership opportunities for all students.
  • To ensure that all students have access to strong support in making choices for education and training post 16.
  • Identify opportunities to raise the visibility of role models representing people from protected groups.

Our Accessibility Plan is available on our Key Policies page along with other relevant policies.