Foundation Curriculum

Years 7 and 8 are the first two of a five year curriculum preparing students to grow, learn and fulfil their potential. This is the first stage of a learning journey that leads to a range of qualifications for students when they reach 16 years old.

In many ways we offer a traditional curriculum with twin emphases of personal development and academic achievement. For many students they will study a range of separate subjects through their school week. The following table indicates the balance of the subjects taught each two week cycle (each regular lesson =1 hour)

English 8 lessons   Physical Education 4 lessons
Maths 8 lessons Technology 2 lessons
Science 6 lessons Computing 2 lessons
Languages (French/Spanish) 4 lessons Drama 2 lessons
History 3 lessons Music 2 lessons
Geography 3 lessons Art & Design 2 lessons
Religious Studies 2 lessons Tutor Period 2 lessons (40 mins)




For some students, we offer the purple pathway as a more appropriate curriculum. The purpose of the Purple Pathway is to help students who require extra support with literacy and numeracy to make good progress in preparation to access a range of subjects and future qualifications. Students on the Purple Pathway will have an integrated curriculum for 18 lessons per week. For the remainder of their timetable, students study alongside other students.

We have prepared a Curriculum booklet with information about each subject, please view this below.