French in year 7 at Maiden Erlegh School in Reading

In the French department at Maiden Erlegh School in Reading, the structure of the course is based on Expo 1 textbook topics. Lessons include a great variety of differentiated listening, speaking, reading and writing activities created by the teacher including pair work to encourage speaking confidence; text book exercises to embed language; games to engage and enthuse; dictionary and word lists in blue spellings books to encourage a broadening of vocabulary, independent learning and research skills; grammar exercises to develop language concepts; translation work to practise crucial skills. Grammar terminology is taught and used in class, and teachers gradually introduce French for classroom instructions and interactions, to increase pupil confidence in speaking French.

Weekly homework may include differentiated written tasks to practise classroom-taught language, or vocabulary rote learning. Homework should take 30 minutes, whether a written piece or vocabulary learning. The aim is to turn our pupils into confident, effective and enthusiastic communicators who have acquired the independent learning skills that enable them to use and improve their second language, not only in lessons, but also outside school.

Pupils are encouraged at home to:

Look through previous classwork and vocabulary in their exercise books;

Learn vocabulary lists from blue books;

Purchase and use a French/ English dictionary to broaden their vocabulary further;

Refer to Google Classroom website for their French class homepage to access Expo 1 text book Modules including vocabulary lists; the Grammar section of Expo 1 text book; and other useful documents.

Look online for the Linguascope website, log in with Username and Password given in class, and access Beginner French section for vocabulary practice.