Local Advisory Board (Governing Body)

Local Advisory Board of Maiden Erlegh School in Reading (LAB)

Should you wish to make contact with Governors, please send an email to the Clerk, Mrs Liz Hurley, at governors@maidenerleghschool.co.uk.

Name of Governor                                                


Appointed/Elected by                                           

End of Term of Office                          

Mr P Simmons
Maiden Erlegh School in Reading
81 Crescent Road

Chair of LAB        

Appointed by Trust Board from 01.09.2018

To 31.08.2022
Ms Emma Davies Staff Elected by Staff from 10.02.2020 To 10.02.2024
Mrs Agnes Amil-Bruce Parent Elected by Parents from 08.10.2017 To 09.10.2021
Mrs Alison Awuku Co-opted

Appointed by Trust 12.11.19

To 11.11.2023
Dr Ashok Khare Co-opted

Appointed by Trust 12.11.19

To 11.11.2023
Ms Annie Reeve Co-opted Appointed by Trust Board from 01.12.2016 To 30.11.2020

Ms Dionne Headley

Co-opted Appointed by GB/Board from 18.11.2018 To 18.11.2022
Mr Muhammad Saeed Co-opted Appointed by GB/Board from 13.01.2019 To 12.01.2023
Mr Andrew Johnson Headteacher ex-officio    

LAB Champion Roles

Each LAB member has a champion role that is linked to the School Improvement Plan. The LAB Champion regularly meets the Senior School Lead ahead of LAB meetings in preparation to report back on progress to the LAB.



Chair of LAB (SIP and Leadership & Management Overall)

Phil Simmons

Curriculum and standards

Agnes Amil-Bruce

Performance of groups

Emma Davies

Safeguarding, Equality and SMSC

Annie Reeve

Pastoral and Destinations

Dionne Headley

SEND and Inclusion

Alison Awuku

Finance and compliance

Phil Simmons

Parental engagement and community

Dionne Headley

Staff development, recruitment and  wellbeing

Ashok Khare


Alison Awuku

Health and Safety

Muhammad Saeed

Arts and Culture

Phil Simmons




















Further information about the governance of the school, including financial information, can be found on the Maiden Erlegh Trust website here.

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