Parent Surveys

81% of parents rate the school positively

The 2022 survey confirmed the many aspects of our work that our parents rate highly. The areas that received at least 85% positive responses include:

  • The safety of my child at school
  • Progress of my child at this school
  • Management of punctuality
  • Development of learning and thinking skills
  • Students’ respect of other cultures and faiths
  • Students’ respect for LGBTQ+ people
  • Education about cyber/e-safety
  • Education about equality and diversity
  • Education about relationships and sex
  • Education about drugs, knife crime and gang danger
  • Year 7 students settling into school

Priorities that parents have asked us to look at in 2022-2023:

  • Review of online parents’ evenings
  • Communications with home and parent-teacher interaction
  • Lateness to school
  • More and greater range of extra-curricular activities