Pastoral Care

Tutor Time

We are running tutor time each day to check in with students. Tutor session are run synchronously (live) each day at 8:45am via students tutor room on google classrooms. The purpose of these sessions is:

  • It gets students up and ready for the day’s learning
  • It creates a forum for student’s express concerns of seek help if needed
  • Creates high expectations of engagement which leads into the rest of the day


We are monitoring how well students are engaging in learning. This is to support their learning, making sure that despite not being in school students are continuing to actively engage and access learning to continue making progress.

Students will be receiving house points through attending synchronous (live) lessons (including tutor) and through submitting work which has been set. Further house points and positive messages will be shared through Class Charts and Google Classroom about the work students are completing. We will also be monitoring those students who haven’t attended lessons and/or not handed in work – this helps us and parents know how well you are doing!

If any student is having issues with engaging in lessons, please do contact school through the methods highlighted in the supporting student’s section.

Work that is set asynchronously should be completed promptly and we recommend students work according to their timetabled lessons. This provides organisation, structure and routine to the student’s day and importantly prevents students from falling behind in their learning. Doing this will avoid a backlog of work building up creating unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Special Provision  


We will continue to run weekly assemblies virtually at 8:45am. Students should use the Zoom link in their year group support page to join each week. This will give students chance to get key information and messages from your Head of Year and a further opportunity to ask question, seek advice on concerns they may be having. A reminder that assemblies run on the following days from next week onwards: Monday Year 8, Tuesday Year 7, Wednesday Year 11, Thursday Year 10 & Friday Year 9.

Online Safety

Online spaces, games and media form a large part of life for young people growing up today, even more so now with learning going online. It offers a platform to connect with others, connect with others and to learn.  If you understand the situations your child will encounter you’ll be better placed to offer them advice on how to deal with them. Please visit this website for more help and support with keeping your child safe online


We are actively encouraging students to check in daily to let us know how you are feeling through tutor sessions and via the wellbeing section on Class Charts. The wellbeing section on Class Charts is a great tool which allows students to let us know how they are getting on and also highlight concerns/issues you may be having. We constantly monitor this section which allows us to keep track of how you are feeling. We may from time to time contact you via phone, this could be from a withheld or private number, just to check in and see if everything is ok. 

Supporting Students

Guidance and Support Evenings
As I'm sure many parents and students have questions regarding the current climate of learning remotely, we will be running presentations to each year group for parents and students on the w/c 11 January. These will be run by members of the Senior Leadership Team and Heads of Year to give guidance on our expectations for learning, whilst giving parents the opportunity to learn how best to support students at home and to ask further questions.

Presentation links to be posted after events

Seeking support virtually
If any student has any concerns they should seek support through the follow ways:

  • Through tutor time check in’s each morning
  • With your subject teacher through your google classroom or Gmail;
  • With your HoY through the Google Classrooms support page;
  • Using Class Charts wellbeing to express concerns or worries.

Alternatively, parents and/or students can get in contact with the school via the school office at Typical reasons for seeking support would be if you are unable to log onto synchronous lessons, unable to upload work and for wellbeing issues or concerns.

Personal Development 

Personal Development will be set to continue to enhance the students'  personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

Asynchronous lessons will be set on a Friday morning. Students will be expected to completed and submit the work set for this lesson. The topic for this term is “British Values”