Student Surveys

81% of students rate Maiden Erlegh School in Reading as good or very good.

Students are also complementary about school and aspects of our work and rate the following statements strongly:

  • I usually enjoy my lessons.
  • I have developed good independent learning skills
  • I am supported  to achieve good results
  • I am given good feedback given in how to improve my work
  • My strengths and successes are celebrated and supported.
  • I am challenged to think and work hard in lessons
  • I know my strengths in each subject
  • I try to find out answers and solutions for myself before asking the teacher.
  • I keep myself fit and healthy
  • I understand lifestyle choices which are harmful to my health
  • I understand about consent with regard to sex and relationships
  • I understand how to look after my mental and emotional health
  • I understand how to keep myself safe online
  • I understand about extremism and radicalisation.
  • I understand about the Equality Act and the groups of people protected by it.
  • I understand about sexual harassment and sexual violence.
  • I understand about British Values.
  • I understand the dangers of drugs and addiction
  • I understand the law relating to drugs
  • I would know how to get help if I needed it (through school or from elsewhere)
  • I understand what skills and attributes employers are looking for.
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Range of extra-curricular activities
  • The experience of moving from primary to secondary school
  • The guidance given to Year 8 about their options process.
  • The guidance given to Year 11 about the next phase of their education or training