Student Surveys

87% of students rate Maiden Erlegh School in Reading as good or excellent.

82% of students say they are proud to come to Maiden Erlegh School in Reading.

The 2021 survey confirmed the many aspects of our work that our students rate highly. The areas that received at the most positive responses include:

  • Being challenged to think and work hard in lessons
  • Encouragement from staff to do your best
  • The quality and range of lessons (including online lessons) 
  • The quality of homework
  • Students knowing their strengths and what to do to improve
  • Independence and student’s leadership of their own learning
  • Student resilience
  • Understanding what good behaviour is and why it is important
  • Commitment to behaving well 
  • Feeling happy in school
  • Feeling safe in school
  • Understanding how to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Respect given to people of different faiths and cultures
  • Respect for LBTQ+ student
  • Respect for disabled students
  • Our approach and support for school attendance
  • Education about the dangers of drugs, gangs, other criminal activity
  • Education and support for students around online behaviour and e-safety
  • Education and understating about relationships and sexual consent
  • Education about British values
  • Support for students around careers and opportunities beyond school
  • Support and advice for students choosing their options
  • How we have collectively worked hard during the pandemic and the lockdowns.

        Priorities set by students for 2021-2022:

  • Re-establishing a strong extra-curricular programme/school trips (and generally getting back to “normal” after the pandemic)
  • Ensuring that learning is not disrupted by poor behaviour
  • Improving the quality of school meals
  • Finding more opportunities to support equality and understanding in our diverse school
  • Having more time outside the building..