Student Voice

Our student voice programme enables students to receive both formal and informal learning opportunities to develop individuals as leaders and improve skills such as communication, resilience, collaboration and leadership. They are involved in the processes and structures for student representation and the incorporation of students’ views into decision making in the life of the school.

Our Senior Student Leadership Group (SSLG) are at the core of our values within Maiden Erlegh School in Reading. This is comprised of the Head Students and the Senior Student leaders. The SSLG are committed individuals that work hard to develop key areas of the school. 

Our Senior Leaders are in charge of one of the five strands of student leadership, which are all overseen by the Head Students. The following roles are key in developing our school.

  1. Eco committee coordinator
  2. Charity committee coordinator
  3. Sporting coordinator
  4. School council coordinator
  5. Mentoring coordinator (peer and academic)

Our Senior Ambassadors represent the school with their positive attitudes and shared vision. Senior Ambassadors assist with the smooth running of duties, mentor and assist with younger students and work alongside staff to ensure visitors and parents are welcomed and supported with upon visits or parents’ evenings.

Our Ambassadors are motivated, thoughtful and approachable students that live the MER DREAM day in day out. Not only do they volunteer regularly for open evenings, parents’ evenings and options evenings, they are also part of our five strands of student leadership.

As a school we are very keen to develop our students into successful young adults that feel confident in going into the world of work and further education.