What to expect when starting at Maiden Erlegh School in Reading

At Maiden Erlegh School in Reading we want to make your transition into the school as smooth as possible. The links from this page will give you all the information you might need to make this smoother and contain information on a range of topics eg:

  • Details of the school uniform
  • Welcome booklets for students
  • What you can expect to happen for Year 7s on their first day at Maiden Erlegh School in Reading
  • A map of the school , and information on aspects of daily life at the school.

Some students join us outside the usual Year 6-Year 7 transfer period. Much of this information will be useful to them too. Joining mid-year can be daunting but, when you are about to start, we design an induction programme especially for you, to support you settle in as quickly as possible.

We hope that you find what you need. Please contact us should you need any further information or help.