You said….We did…..


Every year we ask parents and students to complete an online survey to help us to evaluate different aspects of the life of the school. It enables us to understand where we are getting things right but also identifies areas that we need to look at improving in the future.  The feedback from the surveys is hugely important and has a real bearing on our planning for the future as we continuously look to improve the school. A huge thankyou to all those of you who took the time to complete the survey.  


89% of parents rate the school positively
84% saying they would recommend the school to other people.

The 2019 survey confirmed the areas of our work that our parents rate highly and showed significant improvement in positive responses in a number of areas. 30 separate questions scored 90% or higher:

(** = These areas, in addition to scoring over 90% showed an improvement on last year)

  • Quality of teaching**
  • Students’ attitudes to learning in lessons**
  • The development of student’s’ independent learning and thinking skills**
  • The development of revision skills**
  • The usefulness of parents evenings**
  • The quality of provision for More Able students **
  • The quality of provisions for students eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant**
  • Development of student resilience and perseverance **
  • Development of student self-esteem**
  • The quality of our equality education and promotion**
  • The quality of our cyber-safety education**
  • The quality of our sex and relationships education**
  • The quality of our healthy living education**
  • The teaching of mental health and wellbeing strategies**
  • Our management of attendance**
  • Our management of punctuality**
  • Effectiveness of our communication**
  • Usefulness of “The Pulse”
  • Information for parents in how to support their child’s learning **
  • The quality of Leadership and Management in the school**
  • My child is happy in school
  • My child feels safe in school
  • My child is safe in school Students are respectful of those with disabilities
  • Students are respectful of girls and women.
  • Quality of transition from Year 6 into year 7
  • Advice and guidance provided for Careers/Work related learning**

Other areas showing improvement included:

  • Support for reading around the subject or personalised research
  • The quantity and appropriateness of homework
  • Students are respectful off the LGBTQ community
  • The way we deal with bullying and the promotion of our anti-bullying message
  • The quality of our pastoral care
  • Student behaviour outside of lessons
  • The usefulness of teacher feedback
  • The quality of our provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • The range of extra-curricular activities and enrichment

Priorities set by parents for the next year:

  • Ensure consistent and high quality Homework
  • Improve the consistency of the quality of teaching
  • Reduce the use of cover/supply teachers
  • Improve challenge for our most able students
  • Improve support for the behaviour of some students


82% of students rate Maiden Erlegh School in Reading as good or very good.
78% of students say they are proud to come to Maiden Erlegh School in Reading.

Students are also complementary about school and the following aspects of our work were rated strongly:

  • Enjoyment of lessons.
  • I am challenged to think and work hard in lessons
  • I know my strengths in each subject
  • I understand what I need to do to improve my work
  • I try to find out answers and solutions for myself before asking the teacher.
  • I keep myself fit and healthy
  • I understand lifestyle choices which are harmful to my health
  • I understand about consent with regard to sex and relationships
  • I understand how to look after my mental and emotional health
  • I understand how to keep myself safe online
  • I understand about extremism and radicalisation.
  • I understand about the Equality Act and the groups of people protected by it.
  • I understand about sexual harassment and sexual violence.
  • I understand about British Values.
  • I understand the dangers of drugs and addiction
  • I understand the law relating to drugs
  • I would know how to get help if I needed it (through school or from elsewhere)
  • I understand what skills and attributes employers are looking for.
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Range of extra-curricular activities
  • The experience of moving from primary to secondary school
  • The guidance give to Year 8 about their options process.

In the written responses, the most common positive responses concerned:

  • Quality of teachers
  • Food /lunch/dinners
  • Fairness/treatment by teachers
  • Interesting Lessons
  • Discipline/dealing with poor behaviour
  • Dealing with bullying
  • Diversity of the school
  • Resources/building
  • After school clubs/extra-curricular
  • The new rewards system

Priorities set by students for the next year:

  • Review some of the school rules.
  • Improve the quality of lessons when taught by supply teachers
  • further improve  the quality of some lessons
  • Make sure we deal quickly with any bullying
  • Wider range of trips including more trips abroad